eCommerce made personal

2019. In this competitive and digital market you have to fight over your customers attention and count on being noticed throughout the noise. It’s time to give your audience the chance to identify with your brand through tailored experiences.

In other words, if you feel that others are ahead of you, don’t take it personal, MAKE IT PERSONAL.



The place to make business, find out what’s new, who’s new

A premium location and audience, some of the most important eCommerce players from the industry and an event structure that suits all of your business needs.

Here is where we dig into current changeovers & growing trends with global visionaries, so you can find out how can these changeovers & trends affect your business today and how will they shape your company in the future.

Personalised & Interactive Practical Workshops

The eCommerce landscape has changed over the years – and so did what it takes to win.

Learn the “what” and master the “how” through our customized & interactive workshops which will ultimately provide actionable steps and practical solutions that you can apply straight after the sessions.

Brella – All the help you need :


Networking is both art and science. It’s about making a human connection, but it requires clarity of objective, social awareness and an ability to communicate effectively. And it’s absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

By partnering up with Brella – the world’s leading intuitive networking platform for facilitating 1-to-1 meetings, we are putting an extra effort into the 1-to-1 business meetings.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Covering a wide range of topics through a program specifically thought-out for eCommerce development issues and trends, here is your chance to brain-pick executives from some of the fastest growing and most exciting companies from around the world.

The place where you don’t ask to pick someone’s brain, you just do it – in ways that make a positive impact on your key objectives and bottom line.


Xenia Muntean

Co-founder and CEO  @ Planable

Ivan Imhoff

Director & Founder  @ CR Optimization Academy | Cognytive ltd

Nick Lansley

Director and Innovation Insider @ Nick Lansley’s Innovation Lab

Sorin Despot

FinTech Marketer @ Twispay

Catalin Matei

CEO @ Increase Media 

Jan Lastuvka

 CEO @ MonkeyData 

Cristian Ignat

Co-founder & CEO @ Aggranda 

Rareș Bănescu

Founder & CEO @ 

Dan Koblicska

Talent Manager @ Altran Romania 

Mihai Vînătoru

Managing Partner & Crowdsourcing Specialist @ DWF

Gabriel Caramis

CEO @ Woobble

Wouter van Horssen

Manager Customer Loyalty @ ING Netherland

Radu Vîlceanu

Founder & CEO @ ContentSpeed 

Cătălin Macovei

Managing Partner @ MoLoSo

Florin Toma

e-Commerce Manager @ DHL Express Romania

Daniel Mateescu

 CEO @ Keez 

Marius Costin

Country Manager @ PayU 

Alexandr Jeleascov

CEO @ Coletăria 

Florinel Chiș

Executive Director @ ARMO

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Innovators, thinkers, doers, top leading industry companies.

Without their support, our initiative to grow this competitive industry would be for nothing.

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