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Registration [09:00 - 09:45]
Opening remarks [09:45 - 10:00]
The future of ecommerce and the Romanian landscape e-industry! - Gabriel Ghita (Mastercard), Horia Grozea (MobilPay)
Logistic issues - Gian Sharp (Cargus)
Insights into consumer behavior - Marian Alecsiu (F64), Laurentiu Cenusa (AnyMedia/Aoro.ro), Cristina Popa (FashionDays)
The Power of Instinct - Colby Hanks [UK] (Estee Lauder)
"Logistics" - Adrian Mihai (FanCourier)
How brands turn values into behaviours - Rob Hinchcliff [UK] [Workshop]
From clicks to profits: maximizing profitable conversions - Radu Stoica (Google) [Workshop]
Digital Travel Forum
Registration and coffee talks [09:00 - 09:45]
Experienta de navigare pe site-urile de travel (Studii de caz si exemple concrete, Elena Dobre (Conversion) [09:45 - 10:30]
Campanii eficiente prin Google AdWords Ionut Munteanu (WebDigital) [10:30 - 11:15]
Cat de important este continutul unui website de turism si despre relevanta acestuia Tudor Rus (Mediatic) [11:45 - 13:00]
Registration Hotspot Fashion [13:30-14:00]
Continutul vinde. De la blog la shop [AloModa] [15:00-15:20]
Live interview: Brandul Personal in moda Molecule-F [Mirela Bucovicean][15:20-15:50]
Le click, c'est Chic! Cum sa devii un fashion icon international prin Google AdWords Google [Ana Sipciu][16:00-16:30]
Keeping on trend with analitics Speaker: Colby Hanks [Estee Lauder] [16:30-17:00]
Debate: Contentul inseamna imagini sau text? Ce aduce trafic/vânzari? [Liana Martin, Andreea Beltic, Alina Ceusan][17:20-18:20]
Atelier by Tulemod, Fashion bits and bytes. Moda accesibila in 3D. Tulemod [Radu Orghidan][18:00-18:40]
Debate: Customer service – Fashiondays [Cristina Popa si Cathias Edeline, Adeline Catinas][18:40-19:30]
ExpoZone and Hackathon
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:00
17:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 19:00
19:00 - 20:00
20:00 - 21:00
Botticelli Hall
Registration and coffee talks [09:00 - 09:30]
Enhaced eCommerce - Claudiu Murariu (Padicode)
The “Secret” Recipe for SEO Success in 2014 - Razvan Gavrilas(CognitiveSEO)
PPC workshop - Ionut Munteanu (Webdigital)
Local SEO Competition Analysis - Sergiu Draganus(GeoRanker)
TBA - Tudor Rus (Mediatic)
Caravaggio Hall
Registration and coffee talks [09:00 - 09:30]
UX Design - Chris Jones [Blue Leaf]
Performance campaigns on mobile - Elena Dobre (Naspers)
Practical solutions to increase conversion rate - Ioana Barbu (BitDefender)
Psychology of Selling Online - How to convert more visitors into customers - Ciprian Soleriu, Andreea Soleriu (Conversion Academy)
Cum iti poti creste vanzarile cu ajutorul continutului - Cosmin Daraban (Silkweb)
Registration and coffee talks [09:00 - 09:45]
Future of search - Andre Alpar (AKM3) [GER]
Extraordinara lume a campaniilor virale - Adelina Oprea (LaRedoute)
Presentation - TBA
How digital marketing is a lot like sex : An insightful talk about 11 shades of digital marketing emphasizing why size is important, skills are critical and why all the partners should be happy - Ilyan Kovatchev [UK]
MasterClass --- Luke Brynley-Jones (OurSocialTimes) : How to use Content Marketing and Social Media to deliver ROI


Gabriel Ghita - 1

Gabriel Ghiță

Head of Operations CEE MasterCard Europe

To be announced

Paul Copil

Head of Operations CEE nove-logo

To be announced

Cristina Popa

Head of Customer Service CEE nove-logo

Insights into consumer behavior
Andre Alpar

Andre Alpar (GER)

Autor | Speaker | SEO und Online Marketing Veteran

Future of search
radu stoica

Radu Stoica

Analytical Lead

From clicks to profits: maximizing profitable conversions

Colby Hanks [UK]

Online Analyst

The Power of Instinct

Laurentiu Cenusa

Laurentiu Cenusa

Managing Partner
logo_anymedia /logo aoro

Insights into consumer behavior
gian sharp

Gian Sharp

cargus logo

Logistic issues

Chris Jones

Design Director
logo blue leaf

UX Design
rob Hinchcliff

Rob Hinchcliff [UK]

Digital Strategist

How brands turn values into behaviours
Adrian Mihai Fan Curier

Adrian Mihai

Business Development Manager

Logistic Issues

Horia Grozea

Horia Grozea

Director Card Payments

The future of ecommerce and the Romanian landscape e-industry!

kriss harris

Kris Harris [UK]

Founder & CEO
SEO Consultant, trainer & Speaker

SEO – Best Practices to increase sales
luke vrynley jones

Luke Brynley-Jones

Founder & CEO

How to use Content Marketing and Social Media to deliver ROI
Ilyan Kovatchev

Ilyan Kovatchev [UK]

Founder & Creative Director

How digital marketing is a lot like sex

Razvan Gavrilas


The “Secret” Recipe for SEO Success in 2014
ciprian soleriu

Ciprian Soleriu


Cum sa ai vanzari mai mari online. Trucuri si tactici psihologice
Andreea Soleriu portrait

Andreea Soleriu


Cum sa ai vanzari mai mari online. Trucuri si tactici psihologice
ionut munteanu

Ionut Munteanu

PPC Specialist & trainer

PPC Workshop
Ioana Barbu

Ioana Barbu

Conversion Optimization Manager

Solutii practice de crestere a ratei de conversie

Sergiu Draganus


Analiza Concurentei in Local SEO
Marian Alecsiu_F64

Marian Alecsiu



Insights into consumer behavior

Claudiu Murariu

CEO & Founder


Enhanced Ecommerce Reports. Focus on ROI & Profit
adelina oprea

Adelina Oprea

Marketing Manager
logo laredoute

Extraordinara lume a campaniilor virale
Elena Dobre

Elena Dobre

Digital Marketing Strategist

Performance campaigns on mobile
Tudor Rus

Tudor Rus


To Be Anounced


Cosmin Daraban

Cosmin Daraban

logo silkweb

Cum iti poti creste vanzarile cu ajutorul continutului


For one day, suppliers of products and services in e-commerce will showcase their offer. The Expo Zone is open to both participants at the conference and visitors willing to experience e-commerce industry.

Become an exhibitor>>
Floor plan>>
Become a sponsor>>

2013 Exhibitors: Cargus, Avanticart, DPD, Banca Transilvania, Katapulta, Romania Web Design, Mediatic, Fan Curier, MobileCart, Zooku, Zoniz, WomSend

Who exibits?

  • Hosting Companies
  • EPayment Service Providers
  • Courier Companies
  • Financial service providers
  • Companies webdesign / SEO
  • Providers of marketing services, online advertising and consulting
  • Providers of mobile applications
  • Developers of e-commerce tools
  • Companies dealing with marketing, advertising and PR: affiliate, AdWords, social media, blogging, contextual

See all categories>>


Awards Gala

The “E-Commerce Awards” reward the best initiatives, programs and technological innovations in the field of e-commerce. The aim of this event is to identify promising players which can provide on the market effective solutions to issues faced by e-traders.

Previous winners:
Visa Romania for the campaign “Dezgheata premiile”
FloriDeLux.ro for the project “Digital flowery”
Romania Web Design for the community project “Cluj.com”
Liviu Taloi, award for entire activity
Marius Ghenea, netpreneur of the year

TeCOMM Hackathon

It should come as no surprise that Romanian eCommerce scene continues on growing rapidly. Alongside software, agriculture or outsourcing, eCommerce is one of the most dynamic industries, launching every month of every year new shops and generating a 1 billion industry. This is why we’re excited to announce that TeCOMM will launch an eCommerce hackathon in 2014: TeCOMM Hackathon.

Supporting communities

TeComm Hackathon’s aim is to support communities. This is the reason why our projects will have a charitable purpose this year. The winner team will donate their prize to a nongovernmental organization for children with disabilities. Ask more information regarding the project’s development at office@liberoevents.ro

How does it work?

For 12 hours all the competing teams will give their best to build a complete, functional online store. The theme and the features will be revealed on October 29 in the morning. From 8 a.m until 8 p.m the teams are assigned to work and finish the website. In order to meet all the requirements and complete the final task the programmers can use any open source or custom made platform.

How is it juried?

A jury made of 7 specialists in ecommerce will analyze the projects considering 5 major criteria (design, usability, user experience, innovation and implementation) and more than 20 secondary criteria.

Winner will be announced on the first day of TeCOMM and will be awarded on October 30, during Awards Gala.


Contact Grand Hotel Italia

Trifoiului St. 2‎, 400000, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Transport from the airport
by Taxi: 9,5 km, 14 min without traffic;   Fee: 6 euro

TeCOMM Special Rates

Single Standard room: 60 euro/pax/night
Standard Double Room: 70 euro/pax/night


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Get your October Offer (-15%)
Only 50 seats available for this promotion!

All participants have free acces to ExpoZone, Awards Gala&Party

The Conference:
  49 euro      41.45 euro
  59 euro      50.15 euro
  79 euro      55.3 euro (-30%)
  19 euro      16.15 euro
HotSpot Fashion:
  19 euro
All events:
149 euro    126.65 euro

"VAT not included"

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Libero Events is a B2B and B2C events agency with portfolio of events in the travel, home & deco, ecommerce, human resources, architecture and business industry.

We organize fairs & exhibitions (Touristica, DecoShow), conferences (TeComm, The Woman, HR Summit, ARThitecture, Software Architecture Day), workshops and seminars.

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